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cheap pressure seal globe valve

Pressure seal valves. pressure seal construction is adopted for valves for high pressure service, typically in excess of above 170 bar. the unique feature about the pressure seal bonnet is that the body-bonnet joints seals improves as the internal pressure in the valve increases, compared to other constructions where the increase in internal pressure tends to create leaks in the body
Pacific® pressure seal cast globe valves. print . overview. pressure seal bonnet globe valves in classes 15004500, asme b16.34 designs. specifications and literature; pacific® pressure seal valvesbrochure (ru a4) pacific valves® pressure seal valvesbrochure (emea)
Camtech pressure seal globe valves are ideal for high pressure steam, liquid, catalytic reformers, hydrocrackers and other tough services. in the tough world of high pressure, high temperature valve applications, pressure seal globe valve continue to provide a wide range of industries with a safe, leak free, pressure containing boundary.
Pressure seal valve designs are available in gate, globe, swing check, stop check, lift check, tilting disc check valves are installed in a wide variety of services demanding high pressure/temperature applications like: main steam, reheat, feed water, catalytic reforming, as well as other applications in power, refining, petrochemical, and other process industries.

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