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5a globe valve

These 1/4-turn control ball valves are more compact, lighter weight and much less expensive than comparably sized globe valves and segmented control valves offered by other companies. flow-tek control valves offer fast response times to control signals due to advanced digital control of actuation and the inherent strengths of ball valves.
The valve types include gate, globe, swing checkbolted bonnet & pressure seal bonnet, ballfloating, trunnion, rising stem, thru-conduit gateslab and expanding, swing checkfull and regular port, lubricated plugs, dual plate checkswafer and flanged.
Super duplex stainless steel 5a b all valves manufacutrer---sedelon u00ae duplex 2 5 07(5a) is a widely used variant of stainless steel (both ferritic and austenitic). duplex 2 5 0 7(5a) exhibits excellent corrosion resistance. it resists intergranular and crevice corrosion.
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