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nylon sleeve plug valve price

Flowserve, which has supplied the highest quality plug valves for the most corrosive and difficult chemical services, is now pleased to offer the durco g4 full area sleeveline plug valves these valves offer greatly expanded port areas to permit greatly increased flow of process fluid. all of the proven features of the standard g4 remain
Xomox tufline sleeved plug valves are non-lubricated quarter-turn valves that achieve sealing through the use of a compressible sleeve as a sealing member. in many applications they operate virtually maintenance free for decades.
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Sleeved plug valves. fluoroseal® non-lubricated, sleeved plug valves incorporate state-of-the-art ptfe fluorocarbon seat design. with little required maintenance and trouble-free operation, a high integrity bubble-tight seal is provided both in-line and to atmosphere.

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