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safely test relief valve manufacturer

Ventil is the global supplier and manufacturer of choice for reliable valve and safety valve test benches and valve repair equipment.
Jan 18, 2020 · when testing the pressure relief valve, raise and lower the test lever several times. the lever will come away from the brass stem and allow hot water to come out of the end of the drainpipe. the water should flow through the pipe, and then you should turn down the pressure to stop the leak,...
If a plant shut down is planned the pressure safety relief valves can be dismantled and shipped to a maintenance shop for testing on a test bench and eventual be overhauled. the testing procedures are usually according to api 527, a recognised method of testing safety valves for operational fitness and leakage rate.
Test bench for regular inspections and setting and resetting safety valves. ideal for distributors, maintenance companies or with in-house maintenance. it allows safety valves to be adjusted, tested and/or checked to the test pressure (setting) pe wile cold (simulating service conditions), matching the opening pressure ps and the closing pressure pc, in accordance with the standard

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