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swing type forged check valve

u2020 forged steel & 316l forged stainless steel u2020 bolted bonnet u2020 nace mr-0175 u2020 applicable standards u2020 basic design api 602 u2020 socket weld ansi 16.11 u2020 threaded ansi b1.20.1 u2020 test api 598 series 2483 (sc) forged swing check valve fea tec u2020 claa u2020 fo u2020 bo u2020 na
Swing check valve uses a sealing disc attached to a hinge that can freely swing open and close. this valve stays open as flow passes through and swings shut if flow reverses in direction. class 800, bolted cover, design api 602, fire safe api 607, nace mr u2026
Operating principle -a swing check valve consists of a flap or disc of the same diameter as the pipe bore, which hangs down in the flow path. with flow in the forwards direction, the pressure of the fluid forces the disc to hinge upwards, allowing flow through the valve.
Swing check valves, like all check valves, are used to prevent back flow in the line. the pressure of the fluid passing through a system opens the valve, while any reversal of flow will close the valve. the swing check valve functions by allowing flow forces to move the closure element, it is a hinged clapper which swings...

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