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welded connection pressure relief valve factory

Kebv fully welded ball valve can be buried underground directly, and has a service life as long as 30 years, so it is widely applied in natural gas long distance and buried pipelines with serious corrosion contain such as gases hydrogen sulfide.
Pressure relief valve. the balanced effect is achieved by isolating the upper valve chamber and eliminating any back pressure build-up in the bonnet affecting valve set pressure. these valves are available in 1/2, 3/4 and 1 inlet sizes with a 1 outlet and two orifice areas. pressure ranges from 15 to 1480 psig, standard soft seat design.
Kebv thread or welded connection pressure relief valve is used for extrapressure protection device and applicable for air, gas etc under working temperature below 200 degree c.
We are offering a wide range of screwed end pressure relief valve. features: unique design for steam, liquid, vapor or gas. designcast steel, full lift, close bonnet. over pressure10% of set pressure. blowdownmaximum 15% less than set pressure. full nozzle design; end connectionsocket weld, screwed, flanged end

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