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online wc6 gate valve

China 6 inch gate valve supplier dervos offers 6 inch gate valve, wc6 material, api 600, pressure class 2500, bw end, gearbox operation, -29℃~+425℃.
Asme sa designation material( e.g. asme sa217.wc6 ) quarter turn valves quarter turn valves offer quick opening and closing features by providing for closure elements that cycle by a simple turn of stems from o to 90 degrees. valves of this design, including butterfly, ball, and plug valves are very well adapted to installation of

In addition, these valves have the added advantage of anti-corrosive properties. grades include forged astm a182 f5, f5a, f9, f11 and f22, and their cast equivalents astm a217 c5, c12, wc5, wc6 and wc9. higher grades like a112 f9/astm a217 c12a are available on

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